Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hidden games in Macromedia Flash 8

A secret game in macromedia flash 8, just follow the instruction to play the hidden games.

Just to go Help menu --> about flash professional and then just click and click the dot(.) of the letter i in macromedia and the hidden games will just appear try it have fun and enjoy.....

Hi guys do you know where can I find some good tutorial on designing using Photoshop or corel draw? coz I really want to learn designing especially Photoshop, I've already printed many tarpoline for our company but I really want to explore more...

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hi guys!!!! If you're working for a PHP/MySql project don't hesitate to comment me or contact me at my email address and thats for free consultation. And if you want to have your own website I'm always available for a very low price. Just email me at Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm finish working with my family tree organizer project which you can build your own family tree you can add, edit delete and even invite an existing family tree to connect to your tree.

I'm also finish working on my inventory system.

I've already make my own search engine but now i'll try to know how to crawl on web pages.

Can someone give me an idea on what's the next project should i do? the best idea that i will received is the one that i will make and i will also share all the codes to you.

Of course all of these must be in PHP.

Thank you....